About us

Imagine a valley that combines the ruins of Adamkayalar and Kizkalesi that lies in a location where sea and nature meet,representing thousands years of history.

As you breathe the mediterranean air tinted with jasmine and citrus,you will watch the Maiden's Castle through the olive trees that represent peace and love.

Every detail of Adamkayalar Holiday Village was built with passion and love.When you visit this mesmerizing place you will discover the mysterious history of Olba and feel the mesmerizing art.

General Characteristics and Facilities:
» Located in the village of Kizkalesi which is in Erdemli of the Mersin Province
» The area of our complex was built on 5 hectares.
» Located 60 km west of Mersin city
» Located 120 km west of Adana Airport
» 40 boutique hotel rooms, every room is 40m2
» Different types of luxury villas
» Olympic Swimming Pool
» Large area to accommodate for 30 tents or caravans
» Restaurant
» Cafe-Bar
» Pool-Bar

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